Friday, July 19, 2013

Common Core Files

     I was on Pinterest the other day and I was inspired to make Common Core files. I created files for Math and ELA (English Language Arts) for 4th grade. I separated each subject by the main thread.

For Math I did a hanging file folder for:
1.    Operations and Algebraic Thinking
2.   Number and Operations in Base Ten
3.   Number and Operations- Fractions
4.   Measurement and Data
5.   Geometry

For ELA:
1.    Reading: Literature
2.   Reading: Informational Text
3.   Reading: Foundational Skills
4.   Writing
5.   Speaking and Listening
6.   Language

*Example of my Math hanging folders: 

Then, in each hanging folder I have a set of manila folders for each standard or groups of standards depending on the content. I also pasted the standard on the front of the folder.

I plan on using these files to store lesson plans and master copies that match each standard. ☺