Saturday, August 10, 2013

My Classroom so far...

          I've worked in my classroom for an entire week now! I feel like I've made significant progress for the upcoming school year. Here are some pictures and projects from my classroom so far

Welcome Back bulletin board
Products by Creative Teaching Press and Trend

Calendar bulletin board
Products by Creative Teaching Press

 “When You Enter This Classroom” welcome poster
I cut down the sides and laminated each poster. Then, I put them together with a pink ribbon and added a pink bow at the bottom. 

Daily Assignments board
*I was going to put my “I Can” statements on the left; however, there is not enough space there for my Unit 1 standards.

 Beautiful curtain my mother made me!

 “I Can” statements for Unit 1
I took the products below and made my own version. I cut them into individual standards and laminated them. To the left side of "I Can," I will add a "Unit 1" sign.

Reading Strategies and Skills posters
I trimmed the sides down and colored in the words. Then, taped each poster on nice, bright paper and laminated them.

TpT product (free):

View of my reading table/ teacher’s desk and wall posters

Critical Thinking Statement posters
I cut the borders off and put each poster on pretty paper. Then, I laminated them for durability. 
TpT product (free):


View of my reading table/ teacher’s desk and SmartBoard wall

 Classroom Jobs poster set
Product by Creative Teaching Press

Font used in pictures is free from:

Sunday, July 28, 2013

My 1st Visits to My Classroom

   I got to visit and spend some time in my classroom this past week, super EXCITING! I was very lucky when I arrived at my room and learned the previous teacher retired. She left me practical everything. I feel extremely BLESSED!! When she left, she packed up the classroom and now I’m in the process of getting it back in order for the school year. While trying to straighten up my room, I had to do something on a bulletin board to pretty-up the room. I put up my calendar and birthday chart and I think it looks fabulous

 I bought my bulletin board items from Creative Teaching Press.

Teacher Door Sign

        I finally made a teacher door sign. I've wanted to make one for some time now and I just got done. At first, I tried to make one with paint but that did not work out the way I wanted it to. So, I tried a second time with success.  I used a piece of thin wood, 12x12 in size. I added scrapbook paper and glitter paint. I made the letters using my Cricut, which is amazing!! =) After it dries,
 I'll add a ribbon to hang it on my classroom door!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

"I Can" Statements

       I remember when I was in school thinking “why am I learning this?” Now, of course, I know why- STANDARDS!

I was TpT and saw another awesome idea for posters for my classroom. I searched CCSS for 4th grade and found “I Can” posters for the students.
*"I Can" 4th grade math standards (FREE):
*"I Can" 4th grade ELA standards (FREE):

     I’m hoping this will help them understand “why they are learning this.” I think that it’s cool that the students can see where their learning & instruction are coming from.

     I made it my own from the resources above from TpT.  I used the exact wording then, copied and pasted it into Word and, of course, added cute border. After everything looked good, I printed the statements on 11x17 paper.



      After I laminate them, I will buy shiny star cut-outs. All these standards can be overwhelming, so I will put the stars by the standards that will be learning every week. I hope the stars will cut down on any feelings of being overwhelmed/ anxiety. 

     My whole objective is that students will understand why they are learning certain skills. I also like that I can use these “I Can” statements as a tool to help them self-assess their progress on any given standard.

*FREE font from: 

Monday, July 22, 2013

Critical Thinking Statements

     I saw this on TpT and thought it would be perfect for my classroom. They’re critical thinking statements.

I cut the borders off of each poster and put colorful paper behind them. I want them to scream “LOOK AT ME!”  I created the first poster that says “Critical Thinking Statements.” After that, I laminated each poster for durability.

I still haven’t decided what pattern I’m going to do. I was thinking 1x8 or 2x4. I’ll decide when I finally get in my classroom. 
I’ll hang them up before school starts but, I plan on using an anchor chart so the students know when and how to use the statements. In the original product, there is an example of an anchor chart. 

I used FREE font from here: 

Saturday, July 20, 2013


      For graduation, my mother bought me a Cricut!!!!! Like, Oh my goodness! I LOVE it! I’ve made a couple of things for my classroom.

I think I’m going to make a door sign with this. I’m going to paint the back a light yellow or pink to match the polka dots. I also need to add a period at the end of Mrs.


I was inspired by Pinterest to make these signs. They’re labels for drawers. I love the “Read” file so I don’t have to immediately read things from my mailbox.  

Behavior Clip Chart

     I wanted to make a behavior clip chart for my classroom. I found several ideas on Pinterest and TpT but nothing really said “WOW” to me. So, I downloaded polka-dot borders and cute font to make my own!

I made the clip chart in Word and sized all the borders to match. I printed these off and laminated them for durability. I need to get some book rings to put it all together. I will post a picture when it's setup in the classroom!

You can get the polka-dot borders here (FREE): 

You can get the cute font here (FREE):