Tuesday, July 23, 2013

"I Can" Statements

       I remember when I was in school thinking “why am I learning this?” Now, of course, I know why- STANDARDS!

I was TpT and saw another awesome idea for posters for my classroom. I searched CCSS for 4th grade and found “I Can” posters for the students.
*"I Can" 4th grade math standards (FREE):
*"I Can" 4th grade ELA standards (FREE):

     I’m hoping this will help them understand “why they are learning this.” I think that it’s cool that the students can see where their learning & instruction are coming from.

     I made it my own from the resources above from TpT.  I used the exact wording then, copied and pasted it into Word and, of course, added cute border. After everything looked good, I printed the statements on 11x17 paper.



      After I laminate them, I will buy shiny star cut-outs. All these standards can be overwhelming, so I will put the stars by the standards that will be learning every week. I hope the stars will cut down on any feelings of being overwhelmed/ anxiety. 

     My whole objective is that students will understand why they are learning certain skills. I also like that I can use these “I Can” statements as a tool to help them self-assess their progress on any given standard.

*FREE font from: