Friday, July 19, 2013

Classroom Library in July

     I've been working on my class library for over a year now. I haven't seen my new classroom, but I have tried to organize at home as much as possible. My way of organizing my library came from several different sources during my college career.

This is how I've organized my library, thus far:
  • First, I created an excel spreadsheet. I have a master list, then lists split up by reading level (AR). 0.1-1.9, 2.0-2.9, 3.0-3.9, 4.0-4.9, 5.0+, and non AR.
  • Then, I made labels that have my name, AR book level, points, and quiz #. 

  • After I finished putting labels in every book (400+), I printed out the spreadsheets. I numbered each lists with separate colors. I used black, green, purple, pink, and blue. 

  •   Finally, I went back through all my books and added the corresponding number from the spreadsheet to the book in the same color. Example below of pink, for 4.0-4.9. #24 is Shiloh so the book has a number 24 in pink on the label.

I decided to add the numbers for end of year inventory. I figured it would be easier to find by matching the number rather than looking through the entire section for the book to check off. 

 I will post more pictures in August to show what it looks like in the classroom!

The font used is FREE from TpT, you can get it here: